Silent leading brand


• Producing of brake pads for passenger cars, trucks and heavy duty vehicles, clutch pads and industrial clutch pads with various brands and the highest quality and the most appropriate prices, in accordance with the international standards.

• Gain a large share of the markets of the region and neighboring countries.

• Supplying the best raw materials from the best foreign and domestic manufacturers to produce our products.

    Managing Director

    About us

    This production, industrial and commercial group first started its activity in 1994 in the commercial sector to distribute various types of passenger cars, heavy duty and industrial vehicles brake pads and clutch pads in the form of capillary distribution throughout the country.


    Establishment of a factory in Semnan industrial town

    . It established a factory in Semnan Industrial Town in 2017, with a group of experienced managers and personnel to set up the production line of passenger car brake pads with SILENT brand and it has started production with the highest quality and most appropriate prices and using of modern laboratory equipment with the best raw materials from reputable foreign and domestic resources and manufacturers, in accordance with the national standards of Iran.

    In addition to producing its owned registered brands, this group also produces registered brands of other partners in this industry with different total production.

    Manufacturing machinery for friction industry by using modern technologies and their localization in accordance with the needs of this industry in our country, is one of the other activities of this industrial complex.